We  are up for

the challenge!

COVID-19 took everyone by surprised and a lot of training providers succumbed to the limitations and pressure of our "new normal."  We at MedTek knew that despite this challenging situation, one thing remains true, that this crisis has proven that sterility is not something to take lightly and that Sterile Processing Technicians are a vital workforce to the healthcare industry. 

With that in mind, we decided that despite the limitations, we will find the best ways to equip our students with what they need to know to be knowledgeable and competent so that even if externships will not be available for a while, they will still be able to show that they are qualified and proficient SPTs.  In view of this, we are updating our program and adding additional hours, materials and resources. Therefore, we are changing the way we are distributing the Program Fee for the rest of our 2020 classes. 

The following change will be effective as of the August 2020 class:

Other associated costs that are NOT included in the program fee:

CBSPD EXAM FEE                            $

To complete certification and to be eligible for externship.


BACKGROUND CHECK                  $

A pre-requisite for externship

AMERICAN BLS CPR                       $

A pre-requisite for externship

MEDICAL TEST FEES                       Varies

Health screening and immunizations are required prior to externship.




Breakdown as follows:

RESERVATION FEE                          $

A non-refundable fee that secures your spot for the next training program schedule.

SUPPLIES FEE                                   $

Covers your ID, textbooks, scrubs and lab materials. 

PLEASE NOTE that this fee is also NON-REFUNDABLE.

PROGRAM FEE                               $

This fee includes Theory class, the extended Lab Instrumentation Program and SPT Workshops. 


The total balance of $ (after the Reservation Fee) is paid in 3 installments **(changed from 4 as was previously published) : 

- The first installment, $ ($ Supplies Fee, $ Program Fee) is due upon completion of the Student Orientation. 

- The second installment, $ is due on the 1st month

- The third and last installment of $ is due the 2nd month

New Program Fee Distribution