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I was working in a store as a full-time associate when my brother-in-law encouraged me to enroll in MedTek College Hayward to get certification as a Sterile Processing Technician. He was already employed as an SPT Tech and he recommended this as a greater opportunity for job advancement and higher pay.


He knew that would interest me. Before that conversation I was already aspiring to get a higher position at work.  I put my passion at work and I work hard in giving excellent service to customers. But time came when I realized that my salary nor what a higher position will give me, is enough to provide for all the financial needs of my family. 

So I took my brother-in-laws advice to take the leap forward and enrolled at MedTek Hayward.  Although I know that there's no assurance in getting a job at this field right after I finish this course, I still took the chance and hoped for the best.  

I learned a lot at MedTek Hayward, not only from the lessons in the book, but also on having to have actual basic training of the instruments in the hands-on Instrumentation Lab, as well as receiving encouragement and motivation from the people there who were sharing their ideas and experiences from their own careers in this field.

At first, it's really not that easy to get a job right away but I never loose hope.  When I finished my course and passed the CBSPD Certification test, I was given the opportunity to do my eternship in Washington Hospital in Fremont.  I changed my job from full time to part time in order to start and give more time for my externship.  Doing so affected my benefits but I considered it as part of the sacrifice and God is good since my husband was then able to include me in his medical benefits at work. ​

I did my best to learn and work hard during my externship, hoping that when I finish, I will have the confidence to apply for a position in SPT. So it was a great opportunity and blessing for my family when I did get hired at the hospital where I did my externship!

I am very thankful to our manager for giving me a chance and to all his staff who welcomed me with open arms and taught me patiently. I'm still at my probationary period right now and it has been a big challenge for me, both in building up my self-confidence and my knowledge of my new career. I will do my best up to the end of my probation and whatever the outcome will be, I will be thankful for everything.

I am very proud that there's a school like MedTek College Hayward whose passion is to help other people by educating, encouraging and motivating them in order to find a greater opportunity to get into this healthcare field.  

Thanks to the staff of MedTek Hayward!!!  Keep up the good work!!!

Thank you Frank, Moises and Maricel.  God bless you all!!!

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