Sterile Processing Technician Training Fees

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Our Program Fee 

changed as of February 2020.

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SPT COURSE FEE: $3,000 *(See below)


Breakdown as follows:

RESERVATION FEE                          $100.00

A non-refundable fee that secures your spot for the next training program schedule.

SUPPLIES FEE                                   $400.00

Covers your ID, textbooks, scrubs and downpayment for your externship insurance.

PLEASE NOTE that this fee is also NON-REFUNDABLE.

PROGRAM FEE                               $1,900.00

This fee includes Theory class, the Lab Instrumentation Program and eligibility for externship (upon completion of requirements).


EXTERNSHIP INSURANCE            $600.00

A requirement while participating in the externship program.

The total balance of $2900 (after the Reservation Fee) is paid in 2 installments: 

- The first installment, $1,400 ($400 Supplies Fee, $1,000 Program Fee) is due upon completion of the Student Orientation. 

- The second installment, $1,500 is due the following month

Other associated costs that are NOT included in the program fee:

CBSPD EXAM FEE                            $125.00

To complete certification and to be eligible for externship.


BACKGROUND CHECK                  $150.00

A pre-requisite for externship

AMERICAN BLS CPR                       $75.00

A pre-requisite for externship

MEDICAL TEST FEES                       Varies

Health screening and immunizations are required prior to externship.

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