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What students say about us....

stewart, dominique.jpg
Dominique Stewart

February 2024 Class


Medtek is a great program. From the Director, instructors, staff, program cost, theory and externship.. you get exactly what you need. I am proud to have completed within program and on my journey to being certified and hired as a Tech 1. Thank you Medtek for being exceptional and a great motivating force.

cruz-flores, jessica.jpg
Jessica Cruz-Flores

November 2023 Class


This is the best school to start over and get into something you will end up loving and enjoying.  I'm a graduate  from this school and I'm dyslexic and I thought I wouldn't make it but with all the help from my teachers and school director I made it and passed my state board exam in 1 try I was shocked but I should of known with all the help and support I had. My class experience was great and because of it I did well, also my externship was also very good to me and got to learn alot before I got hired witch I'm so thankful for. Anyone planing on starting a career you will love do Medtek College Hayward I promise you that you won't regret it. I'm so thankful for this school and all the support they provide   if I could do it so could you!

seggay, elvin rey.jpg
Elvin Rey Seggay

November 2023 Class


At Medtek Hayward College, diving into their Sterile Processing Technician program is like stepping into the hospital world with a guide by your side. Graduating from there, you're not just armed with knowledge, you come out of there with a rock-solid education and the confidence to match. The professors are total champs, always there to break things down every concept so you get it, no matter what. And get this - the support doesn't just vanish after graduation. They're in it for the long haul, making sure you nail your externship and score a job. I owe a debt of gratitude to all my professors, admins and the Director Maricel for being the backbone of it all. Her tireless support in finding the perfect externship fit. She's hands-on and really takes care of us. Her personalized attention and commitment to student welfare truly set this institution apart. Always there to lend a hand and help students find their footing - E.R.A.S

Perez, Angel.JPG
Angel Perez

February 2023 Class


I’m glad I attended medtek college, Maricel and the instructors are very attentive to what each student needs to pass the course and prepare

them for their externship and what lays ahead. I did my externship at Kaiser San Jose, the SPD staff were great mentors and there to help you with any questions.

Lopez-Gomez, Selena.png
Selena Lopez-Gomez

February 2023 Class


MedTek is the best! Thanks to my instructors Maricel and Moises I was able to get all the knowledge I needed to pass my board exam and start my externship at Kaiser San Jose, where I had the greatest experience with the entire sterile processing department, I Received hands on training and couldn't be happier with my decision on enrolling in this course.

ID_Raboja, Airene_edited.jpg
Airene Reboja

August 2022 Class

Medtek is family. We help each other out and we learn from everyone! I will miss these people!!

Alpheus Rabuyo

February 2020 Class


I am Alpheus Rabuyo I study at Medtek, I get my Externship at Kaiser Santa Clara Ca and Now I am certified employee of Kaiser San Joe CA. as a Sterile Processing Technician I.

Yolanda Browning_edited.jpg
Yolanda Browing

August 2016 Class


Hello my name is Yolanda, I want to thank the director Mariciel for changing my life. I attended  MedTek College  Hayward after  my children graduated college and deciding to  retire from a long career of driving the city bus. I attended school at MedTek where I  met a very supportive staff as well as a class of students that became like family . Every promise made  by MedTek in the contract  was fulfilled . For example  the staff went above and beyond to assist in my placement at Children's Hospital of Oakland. I immediately took my test for  my certification  and passed thanks to MedTek for making sure I had the necessary classes and study material which prepared me to pass the exam on the  first try. I was very proud of myself and grateful to MedTek for being instrumental in changing my life. Once I was licensed by the state and completed my externship I was  referred to a staffing agency  which enabled me to work in my field  of study,  which is where I gained even more knowledge and confidence. When I started I knew I wanted to become a traveler which is exactly what I did and have been doing for the past 7 yrs. I've been making more money than I ever have while seeing the world .  Attending MedTek College was the best decision I made for my life and it has benefited me in ways you  couldn't imagine which is why I stop by to give a review. I encourage anyone who's interested in becoming a sterile processing Tech to talk with the staff and instructors at MedTek and move forward it will most definitely change your life and pay scale .  Thank you Mariciel and Frank  I'm forever grateful

Sablan, Raymond.jpeg
Raymond Sablan

November 2021 Class


I was referred to MedTek by my father-in-law that knows Maricel. I attended Fall 2021 so classes were all online on the weekend from 9-5:30. For the second half of the class we had instrument lab that taught us the basic knowledge of the instruments. Along with the instrumentation, we learned how to peel pack single use instruments. Once we were done with instrumentation, we were able to do our externship hours at Kaiser San Jose. The staff at MedTek College were helpful, informative, and very knowledgeable about Sterilization. For theory, Fariba went into detail thoroughly and each topic and she would encourage us to ask questions. For instrumentation we had multiple instructors from Moises, Mario, and Lynette. They would teach us tips and tricks to remember instruments easier. I cannot express how easy all the instructors made the material so understandable for someone that never worked in health care. Coming to MedTek was the best choice for me! You will not regret making the decision coming here! Give Maricel a call and she will be able to give you more information on how to get your SPD career started!

Tanesha Allison  SCHOLAR.jpg
Tanesha Allison

May 2019 Class


Great school. The instructors were all professional and very informative. You're taught everything you need to know about SPD and I passed the board exam the first time. The school even offers scholarships to apply for. Medtek is the best school to choose and start a career in SPD.

Patricia Taylor.jpg
Patricia Taylor

February 2021 Class


If you are serious about learning and reaching your goals, this is the place to do that. I was a student in February 2021 and graduated in May. All my teachers were amazing and had great energy, and you could tell they wanted you to succeed. They definitely made sure you not only you read the material but you understood it, leaving no question unanswered. Furthermore, Maricel is an amazing mentor and will give her all to help you reach your goals. I left this school having more confidence in myself and greater than that I left being more proud of myself.

Tuan Tran.jpg
Tuan Tran

November 2020 Class

With so many jobs to jobs. My girlfriend recommended to do sterile processing. Looked around and many schools out there but decided to go with Medtek Hayward and it was one of my best decision. Staff and Mentor were all helpful and their intention to teach us. Praises to Maricel the program director mentoring all of us what to do. The staff and instructors taking their time to go over materials to help graduate and pass the board exam..
Maricel works really hard to get her students externship and our feet in the door to show the hospital what we Medtek can do. Been having a great time with experience and knowledge. Glad I choose Medtek over any other school. Nowba part of the Medtek community.
For anyone who wants a career and not just a 9 to 5 job should consider this school for Sterile Processing.

Thank you Maricel and all of Medtek.

Jeremy Davis_edited.jpg
Jeremy Davis

March 2020 Class


Excellent school and very great instructors .  Definitely won't regret this choice when pursuing a career in SPD.

Ambasajir Hezchias.JPG
Ambasajir Hezchias

February 2020 Class

MEDTEK COLLEGE is exactly what you would expect out of one of the top college in the world
that really pushes you to work hard and achieve. Some of the most intelligent and motivated instructor I've come across—highly recommend MEDTEK COLLEGE 👍👍👍🎄🎄🎅🏾

Adriana Sanchez.JPG
Adriana Sanchez

August 2019 Class


Enrolling at Medtek College was the best decision for Sterile Processing... instructors and classmates very supportive and helpful throughout the program. Externship was great! This has been worth the wait for my I am a Kaiser employee truly recommend Medtek College for SPD program. Do it!!!

Katherine Carranza.JPG
Katherine Carranza

November 2019 Class


I attended Medtek College in Fall of 2019 and I couldn't say enough great things about the program. The program was the most affordable of any school I researched. All of my teachers were so friendly and helpful, I couldn't have made it through without them. Maricel is so patient, knowledgeable and is so willing to help all the students at any time. I highly recommend Medtek College.

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