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What students say about us....

Lee X.

Graduate 11/2011

Medtek College was really a godsend for me. I was unemployed and finding work was hard at the time. So I decided to take this course in Sterile Processing in September 2011. I passed my test in November 2011 and started working in Jan 2012. I been with my hospital for 3 years now and with the skill set I learned, I plan on becoming a traveler. Maricel will go above and beyond just being an instructor to see you pass the exam. But let's not forget that we too have to do our part before and after the certification.  Nevertheless, if it wasn't for Maricel and Medtek College, I wouldn't be in my current position as a SPD Tech II looking to travel and work of various hospital across the nation.

UPDATE:  As of July 2018, Lee is now at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital in Palo Alto, continuing successfully with his goal of being a traveler in the Sterile Processing field. 

Michael B.

Gradutate 2012

I took Sterile processing tech career at Medtek College and was part of the Feb 2012 batch and I must say that my experience at this school was the highlight of my career! Thanks to the school for helping me pass the board test in 12 weeks, getting into Kaiser for my externship and helping me through out applying for a job at many places. What I like most was our teacher Ms. Maricel, is that she has this so- positive attitude, never give up style, She motivated me and my classmate everyday, She was persistent in making sure we all applied any job not just Sterile tech but her advice was "apply any job in the hospital especially janitorial, cafeteria or even just volunteer coz all you need is to get in the system then the rest will follow. She never gave up even when I wanted to already, In my batch there were 3 of us that made it and  works now at different hospitals (Stanford, Mills Peninsula and Regional Hospital) by April 2012. I'm employed by Community Regional Med Hospital. I never gotten a chance to write them a review but I saw one today and I felt like people needs to know that this school change my life forever. I'm so sorry to hear that the first review had a bad experience, Can't blame you on that but try to count the positive things and the negative just think of it as a part of any school out there. There are more other schools that are worst where they do not care at all just to get money out of you. You said 3 weeks at Kaiser, we did ours 4 weeks also and I drove everyday Fresno-San Jose. They taught me what I needed and took that with me wherever I applied. I was turn down many times because they want someone with 400+ experienced but I just follow Ms. Maricel advise and now I'm financially stable. This is my advise to anyone out there, do not ever blame the school if your not successful. Its not their fault, We make our own choices. If you really want it do your part! Peace brother!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: This was a Yelp review in response to a negative review by another student. Despite our best efforts to make sure to perform as we promised, we know that every student's experience will be different.  When we do miss the mark, we take it into account and strive to make it better.  

Michael A.

Graduate 4/2015

I was at a dead end casino job,before a family friend referred me to look into sterile processing. I went on a google search for classes in sterile processing and found Medtek college. The tuition cost was well worth it and Marciel and Frank were great teachers to have while I was there. I’m making good money now and even referred 5 students into sterile processing.

Roy Spiro C.

Graduate 4/2017

As a graduate of Medtek College, Attending the class every Saturday was quite helpful for students who are working during weekdays. The school provided us knowledge and skills in a short period of time while keeping us motivated in doing our workbooks and assignments. Before our board exam, our teacher provided us proper tools and guidance to pass the board. They also keep us prepared for our coming externship that help us to be ready... Im glad that the school was supportive in finding us hospital facilties where we can practice our learned skills. Our school admin also followup on what is happening on our externship... 😎

Sophie M.

Graduate 10/2014

I graduated at Medtek College in October 2014. .My experience at Medtek as a student was great. After I passed the licensing test I was immediately placed for externship at Kaiser San Jose. After I finished my externship I was hired as a traveler and worked in a Hospital in San Francisco. That was my stepping stone and now I am a full time employee of Kaiser. Dreams do come true!  Medtek College played a big role in my career. Thanks to Frank and the Medtek Staff!

Holden A.

Graduate 4/2015

MedTek gave me the education I needed to pass the board exams on the first try.  Granted you have to study the material and work hard but the class was set up in a way for easy learning.  My only advice if you plan on being a Sterile Processor is that you have some acute care, hospital experience or volunteer work within a hospital setting. The issue with this career is that even with certification, most hospitals will not hire you unless you have 1 year experience. So how do you get experience if they won't hire you?  I suggest you register with an agency such as MGA in hopes that you get lucky in getting hired somewhere.  That or apply to smaller clinics or surgery centers but do not count on getting hired at Kaiser once you get certified as the chances are slim to none unless you have a relative or know someone who can get you in. I graduated in April 2015 and have not worked in this field but I'm not complaining, Genentech is an awesome place!

Ma Gianina P.

Graduate 1/2016

I feel very fortunate to be granted with the scholarship here at Medtek College. I am grateful to have been educated, supported and guided by Frank, Moises and Maricel even after I completed the program. My externship in Kaiser was awesome, I did not only gain experience/hands-on but I also gained friends and mentors. My entire experience was life-changing. It takes a lot of prayers, determination, perseverance, humility and hard work. I'm blessed to be working at Kaiser.

Damian W.

Graduate 4/2016

If you want to attend a family oriented program, as well as school oriented; MedTek College Hayward is the place for you!  MedTek Hayward not only provides you with the necessary skills to advance in the health industry, but it also gives you a sense of humility in a humurous type of way. MedTek Hayward challenges their students to thrive not only in school but life.  Graduating from MedTek Hayward, it feels great to know that this program and the people who make it exist and will have your back ever step of the way. After completion of MedTek Hayward, they immediately place their students in externships.  Kaiser Permanente or Washington Hospital, either the two, MedTek Hayward can place you there, not to mention the new contracts that are soon to come!  I enjoy being a part of such a well know organization and with dedication and devotion, you will too.

Antony R.

Graduate 10/2017

A special thanks to Medtek College Hayward for assisting  me with the Sterile Processing Technician Program and also for going the extra mile in helping me get in at the Kaiser externship program. I definitely strongly suggest and recommend this school to anybody who is seeking a career in the field of Sterile Processing Technician.

UPDATE:  Antonio now works at Kaiser San Jose

Bernard B.

Graduate 4/2018

This word sums up the driving force behind Medtek College in Hayward.  Maricel, Frank and Moises runs the school, guiding the students from start to finish, ensuring that the graduates are well trained both in theory and practical or application aspects.
Graduates are assigned to hospitals/health facilities to start their externships right away so a continuous flow of training is achieved.

I would like to thank Maricel, Frank and Moises in giving me the right training and exposure.

Bernard B.
Class of April 2018
Externship: Kaiser Permanente

Trishia R.

Review posted on 5/29/18

I tried to apply for the scholarship in Medtek College Hayward and luckily I got accepted. Maricel and Frank have been a good instructors to everyone. They make sure that we are learning and keep us updated. Even when you're not in school and you have some questions while studying at home you can still reach out to Frank and willing to help and give you an answer. Maricel will make sure that you'll have an externship at a better hospital. I passed the CBSPD board exam and did my externship. I am now working in UCSF, having more experience and a better opportunity thanks to the help of Medtek Hayward.

Ariel G.

Graduate 4/2018

Good teachers and a good class anyone who would want to learn sterile processing technician this is the place to be. Everything you need to know is in this school, friendly environment and the location is very accessible with parking. The class will give you all what needs to know in the test

Vic M.

Medtek has taught me what I need to learn to pass the board exam and what there is to be a Sterile ProcessingTechnician. I took the board exam and passed it on the first try without any worries. The best learning experience!  Good people whom I still have contact with and till this day they are very supportive. Thank you Medtek!!!

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Justima M.

Graduate 2012

I graduated in 2012 and it's only right now that Im writting this review because I believed its important for me to share my experience at this Medtek branch. First and foremost, I am happy to say that I have started a job as Sterile Processing Tech II this week at UCSF. I would not been able to get this job without the help of Medtek College Hayward. I was losing hope to find a job because it was hard to find one on my own even when I was applying everywhere. I contacted Medtek Hayward just to see if they can help me and my teacher Ms. Maricel gave me a list of agencies to contact. When I called one of them I immediately got schedule for an interview,  The one thing that stood out in my mind is when they said "we will hire any students from Medtek Hayward."  When I ask why, they said that almost all of their employees graduated at Medtek Hayward and that they were satisfied with their professionalism, skills and recommendations. I was thankful and lucky that I made that call back to Medtek Hayward. As for my past experience in the class, I have to say that I always admire my instructor because she is so passionate and knowledgeable that it will inspire you to come to school every week even your tired. The class was engaging and not boring. My externship was at Seton Hospital and they were so great there.  However, I didn't get to finish my 200 hours because I have to work full time as CNS but I learned so much and they love students there.  I can't thank you enough MedTek Hayward for helping me make my dreams comes true! God bless you all!

Biken T.

Graduate 7/2014

If you need to start a career with sterile processing tech, I suggest Medtek college will be your best starting point. Look no further!! Both instructors Frank ands Maricel have more than enough knowledge and they both ensure that every students are well prepared for the board exams. With their dedication and commitment, and of course, studying on my part was a very fruitful moment upon me passing the cbspd exams. Currently I work for kaiser as an evs employee but will soon be working there in the spd dept. Also, with addition to that, let me mention that Medtek college is directly accredited to kaiser Permanente along with other hospitals. But kaiser is the priority atleast for me. With a lot of research initially, I chose Medtek at the end and am very glad I did that. Your externship is guaranteed with Medtek unlike cornerstone college. Thank you frank and Maricel once again.

Bebe B.


Thank you MedTek College!  I would not be where I am today in my new career as a Sterile Processing Technician II ~ !!!   The instructors all knew what they were teaching and the externship program was definitely the BEST and MOST beneficial clinical experience ever!  With the hands-on hospital experience, you'll be able to take that experience with you where ever hospital you apply to or work at.  Within a few months after graduating the class and passing my State Board Exam, I landed a job in SF working at a surgery center.  And now I have been blessed to be working for Kaiser Permanente.  MedTek College gave me a new life!

Andrea S.

Graduate 1/2015

I honestly had a wonderful experience with Medtek College and I'm very glad I went with it and choose Sterile Processing as my career choice. The instructors, Maricel and Frank are very nice and helpful and they really care about you to suceed in this field. Their flexiblility with scheduling for the class allows you to still work your other job and have a life outside of school, as it is not too rigorous. This school is small so there's not tons of students, so it's better to concentrate. The added bonus too is the included externship with Kaiser Permanente, after your sucessful pass on the board exam. I started Medtek in Nov 2014, finished in Jan 2015, passed the certification in Feb and started my externship in March. Now being done with getting my hours at Kaiser, I'm ready to find a job!!! I'm so thankful for the help of Frank and Maricel for their knowledge and expericene in Sterile Processing, they are truely amazing people.

Masaki T.

Graduate 4/2015

MedTek is a great place! I specifically came to this place to learn (even though I had to come from quite a far distance). Some places might treat you like a number (e.g. Take your money and bye bye) but not this place.  I do believe one of the best places around. I am now doing an internship at a respectable hospital and hope more great things will come. I am very grateful to Maricel, to Frank, and to MedTek College.

Greys M.

Graduate 4/2015

I came to this school in 2015 . I am from Gilroy and I love the school and the people.  They were very helpful with my schooling and externship at SLRH . Now, I'm proud to say that I am working as a Sterile Processing Tech. My son just turn 18 and I encouraged him to take this class as well. I hope he gets the same success like I did. I highly recommend this school!!!

JoAnn N.

Graduate 7/2016

What a wonderful experience attending this course.  Maricel, Frank, Moises, and Manny are all part of a great staff. Also I made new family members with my awesome classmates.  Best wishes to all!

I would definitely recommend this school to anyone interested in SPD.

Manny A.

Graduate 4/2017

I was referred and motivated by a relative who took same class and got a job in less than a year in 2015 at UCSF Mt. Zion but it took me 2 years to get into it due to work schedules. I finally took the class February 2017. I love that its a Saturday only class. Our instructor Frank was very approachable and helpful and gave us so many pointers to pass the Natl. board. I also like the idea of having the 5 weeks extra lab class that Moises teach. It actually gave me confidence while I'm at Regional Medical Hospital San Jose doing 400 hours externship. That hospital was the best!  They were very kind and helpful especially the SPD Manager Patricia Galman. I met employees like Mike at that hospital who also graduated from MedTek Hayward. All of them were so helpful. Finally, an opportunity came for me to work as Sterile Tech at UCSF in Parnassus in December 2017 and I've been working there since.  Though my assignment will end this week, I will be starting another at Stanford Hospital  in mid June 2018. One thing that stands why I like this school was that everyone is professional and genuine they care so much about us students. More power to you guys!

Candace V.

Graduate 07/2018

I recently graduated from Medtek college Hayward and i must say my experience has been nothing short of amazing. The instructors are hands on and focused on your success. Even after graduating classmates as well as instructors are still in daily communication with one another. This is a very family oriented and community based program aimed soley for your personal success!

John P.

Graduate 07/2018

This is probably one of the best classes I have taken in my school life. The class was diversed but definitely didn't feel that way. Good and clear communication. Classmates and instructors were always there to help. Although it is fast phase because it is only 3 months (once a week class), you will be prepared and will have everything you need to pass the board exam. Communication is the key so make sure don't be awkward and network with everyone because your classmates are the one who can also help you out aside from the instructors.

They have contracts with Kaiser and other hospitals for externships to show and prove yourself you are capable of being a full time/permanent employee. 3 of my family members took this class and are now working with permanent position at Kaiser and Stanford hospitals.

In no particular order, thank you Frank, Maricel and Moises!

Yolonda C.

Graduate 7/2018

This an awesome school to attend. You really get your money's worth. Frank is an excellent teacher. He really cares about the students.

Alma P.

Graduate 07/2018

This is one of my favorite place .. it helps me a lot and improves me a lot..
Motivates you

Yirga B.

I feel very lucky to find out about this life changing school and great teachers. Medtek College was not only school for me, it was family oriented place where I learned lot about life from some wonderful people. Thank you Mr Frank and Mrs Maricel for all your great advice, as you have taught me to work hard.  And because I followed your advice I have found a full time job at Kaiser Permanente in less than a year.  I am the happiest and proud to work at Kaiser. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to meet you and graduated from your school. I hope I'm not over loading you with more students, cause I have recommended over 10 friends and families already graduated from your school and I will continue to do so. Thank you guys and keep up the hard work!!

Jagdeep A.

Graduate 07/2019

This is best school for SPD course!  Instructors Maricel, Sir Frank, Mr. Natour, Mr. Moises all are so helpful and helps to get a internship after or between spd course. I got a job at Kaiser after one month of my internship!

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