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"Sometimes the road to success is not where you expected it."


SPT was never a road that I would have considered.  I was an IC Designer back when Silicon Valley was still a hotbed of activity for everything technology.  But like all tech, competition got the better of my company of 17 years and soon my once very stable career crumbled and I found myself unemployed for more than 4 years!

I didn't want to admit defeat so I kept trying to get back to where I was until one of my potiential employers flat out said that my line of work no longer resides here in the Bay Area but offshore.  It was the wake up call that I needed but now, where do I go from here?

My wife's aunt was employed in medical but those conversations never caught my attention until she told me what it was that she was actually doing.  Sterile Processing Tech, she said and for some reason I felt I had to find out more.

When I did some digging about SPT Training near our area, I met Maricel.  She was developing a new training school for SPT and I agreed to be one of her guinea pigs!  Despite my initial hesitation, I'm glad that I jumped in.  It changed my career path completely but it was the detour that set me up in the right path to a rewarding and successful new career!

MedTek was and still is a small, no frills school.  But what it lacks in presence it certainly makes up for in their interest for their students.  Even in that first class, my classmates and I never felt like we were up in the air of uncertainty. Though its true that we were both learning together, Maricel and her company have always developed a community spirit with their students and that bond fostered a great learning enviroment that boosted both morale and confidence.

It's little wonder that many of their students reach their full potential!  We are given all the tools that we need to be confident and competent with our new skills and it shows. Many externship hosts can differenciate a MedTek College Hayward student right away because of their performance, know-how and decorum.  It's no coincidence!  It's the MedTek College Hayward standard and I'm proud to be a part of it!


Don't get me wrong, it was not an easy road. The externship hours were long and sometimes inconvenient. The schedules and work environment can be challenging. But you have to expect them as the learning curves of this new career, Despite that, I felt that overall I was given what I need to make it work. I knew it was not MedTek who holds the key to my success. MedTek already did their part, it was up to me to use what I learned to be successful.  

Now, not only do I work in the field in one of the country's best Medical providers (Stanford) but I am privileged to be asked back to MedTek as a Instrumentation Lab Instructor.  I enjoy what I do everyday and to pass on not only the knowledge but the enthusiasm of being in this field to fellow MedTek College Hayward students is a plus!

I'm glad the uncertainty in my career ended up with me travelling in an expected path that led to bigger and brighter things!  Thank you Maricel and  MedTek College Hayward for setting me on that path!

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