In response to COVID-19

Updated: September 29, 2020

We, at MedTek College believe in the power of a positive mindset, in that despite inconveniences and limitations, anyone is still capable of reaching unbelievable heights if they put their minds to it and if they have a trustworthy partner to help guide their success.  

In view of this, MedTek Hayward accepted the challenge and modified our program to meet the needs of what is now the "new normal," and we continue to make improvements to our program as new challenges and transitions come in to play in view of this pandemic.  Here's what we did so far: 


MedTek Hayward is now offering HYBRID or combination classes  which enables us to accomplish two very important goals - COMPLY with the local regulations regarding COVID-19 health and safety while still being THOROUGH and EFFECTIVE as always with our instruction and training. Simply put, this means that portions of the program are done ONLINE and some in the classroom in smaller groups.  The majority of the THEORY or lecture portion will be done ONLINE through ZOOM MEETINGS while the HANDS-ON INSTRUMENTATION LAB will be done in the classroom (more details below). 


We are EXPANDING our Hands-On Instrumentation Lab to include more instruments, more instruction and projects, more materials and so on.  The Hands-On Instrumentation Lab is the ONLY part of the program that will be done LIVE in the CLASSROOM in smaller groups. What that means is that if the class is large, it will be divided into 2 smaller groups and each group will have assigned times to come for lab.  For the WEEKEND schedule, Lab day is on Saturdays from 8am-12pm or 1-5pm and for the WEEKDAY NIGHT schedule Lab Day is Mondays from 5- 9pm.


We added another TEXTBOOK to supplement our LAB program since we made a lot of changes as noted above.



Our new online format is now accompanied by new ONLINE TOOLS that will not only simplify your learning experience but will hopefully increase your productivity and retention of the materials being presented in class. 



With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full force, our partners and affiliates are understandably all focused on the tasks at hand. The priority at this time is to serve those who are affected and to keep those serving them safe and healthy.  So, at this time, our Externship program is on an INDEFINITE HOLD.  We are hoping that as the situation gets better, we will see this program return but for now, we are "filling in" for the Externship experience with our additions to the Lab program and Workshops that are solely focused on getting you ready and competent for the hot job market for SPTs that is now emerging because of this pandemic. 


As noted above, additional workshops focusing on getting you ready for the job market has been added and will continue to be updated as our team keeps their eyes tuned on the current needs of the SPT job market. 


It is our hope that despite the changes, you will find that our program is as EFFECTIVE if not more IMPROVED than ever, all with the goal to train you to stand out and be the best Sterile Processing Technicians in this growing field of medical service. 


Despite the limitations that this pandemic has brought upon us, we are optimistic that the future is bright for those who courageously use this time of trouble as a catalyst for change in themselves and their careers because nothing should hold you back, no, not even this unprecedented pandemic should stop you in reaching out for your success!  


Maricel Nguyen

Program Director

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