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Yohannes Weldemicael

Graduate 7/2018,  MedTek Scholar

Yohannes is the first recipient of our scholarship award for 2018.  His dedication to healthcare and volunteering inspired us to further his mission in making sure that safe healthcare practices are the norm, no matter where and for whom. 


Here's his story:

My name is Yohannes Weldemicael a student at METEC college Hayward completing SPD technician. Some of the things that I accomplished and being proud of my self is working as volunteer and being involved to help and save the life of people who were vulnerable of war and natural disaster.


When I was a young teacher nearly in the first twenties, a delegate from the Red cross society of Eritrea came to our school. And I was one of the staff teachers who got the opportunity to attend in the workshop which was given during that time. It was about the principles and the back ground of Red cross, particularly it was focusing on the contribution of volunteers in the society. I was so impressive and motivated with overall activities of volunteers. And I decided to join to the Red cross society of Eritrea in 1996. Meanwhile I became focal person in the school and I started my activities by recruiting more volunteers from the school and organizing First Aid and CPR training in coordination with Red cross Society of Eritrea Southern branch and the health center in the local area. After I competed the first-round training, by the help of the school director and the red cross society of southern region branch, we were equipped with enough materials of first aid kit and one accessible first aid room. As a result, we were able to create a healthy and safety school environment where the school community were able to get access in bringing down the number of accidents.  Furthermore, I made good communication with the health center and we reached an agreement to expand our volunteering activities to the community in addition to the school. We arranged extra refreshment courses relating to vaccinations campaign, Malaria elimination, polio eradication etc.…. From 1997 to 2004 I actively participated in the rural parts of the region in different campaign such as polio eradication, measles vaccination. Vitamin A, screening and referring children, HIV AIDS and distributing malaria nets.


In 1998 and 2000 when there was fierce war between Eritrea and Ethiopia and so many soldiers and civilians were wounded by the war and displaced from their homes. Me and other volunteers committed ourselves to save the life of the people and we helped them by giving first aid and donating our blood to the victims by visiting to the place where they were sheltered.


In 2005 I got an opportunity to participate in IMCI (integrated management children illness) training which was introduced for the first time in the country as a model, that was organized by ministry of health and UNICEF. After I completed the course, in cooperation with health center we recruited volunteers from 15 villages which were located more than 10km away from health center accessibilities. And after they completed the training they were serving as community health workers and village health committee. Later on, the program was expanded to more villages and I served as trainer until 2010.


In addition to that I worked as HAMSET (HIV AIDS MALARIA SEXUAL TRANSMITED DISEASE) coordinator and helped to the people in raising awareness about the illness and in creating conducive environment for behavioral change and minimize the prevalence rate of the disease in the local area.


I am grateful to find opportunity like the one that your foundation is providing to students like me who are constantly fighting for the right to receive an education. I remain persistent and will keep working hard until I reach my goal. I am hopeful to become one of your foundations scholarship recipient so that I can continue my path way to become a qualified SPD technician. And I also believe in giving back to my community serving as volunteer to the American people.



for a truly deserving award! 

We wish you further success in your career!!!

Scholarship Recipient

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